Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tuesday 9th October 2007

Applications: 19 Rejections: 1 Replies: 4 (3 if you count human)

There comes a time in any endeavour, when you need to take stock. P G Wodehouse does this so brilliantly in his farcical novels. He gets to a point where he has to let everyone know what has happened thus far. So, although I have not had any upper class idiots stealing a cow creamer, I still think that I need to know where we are.

I have reached the bottom of the first page, and what have I learned so far?

1. There is an organisation called the Zygos Partnership.

2. Should I be wasting the time of well meaning charities?

3. The traffic in the south east is pants.

4. The Norbert Dentressangle v Eddie Stobart game.

5. I have discovered a new chain smoking spider. Although on this note, there is some concern. The spider did not appear tonight. I hope that she has not died of spider lung cancer.

6. I may have upset Marike Dippenaar, as I have not had a response from her yet.

7. The NHS use a computer to reject possible applicants and they can't spell application.

I think that sums everything up so far, so shall I continue?

ten- join the revolution.

ten are asking me to join a revolution! Are they are allowed to do this in a national newspaper? I'll bring my mate Che along for the interview, and Karl Marx can be my referee.

Ok ten, what are we going to revolutionise? Are you concerned with the race to the bottom? Are you against the war? What is it that we are set to revolutionise, because whatever it is I am in.

'We are an award winning company with a passion to make a real difference to averting climate change and we are building a first rate team.'


Three jobs:

1. Marketing Operations Manager: You will love the challenge of managing a sophisticated marketing plan.

2. Operations Director: You should have a demonstrable track record in managing a high quality service delivered across a wide range of functions.

3. Analytics Manager: You should be a real data junky.

A real data junky? Do I now live in America?

Anyhoo, I need to visit their website http://www.tenuk.com//GreenRecruitment.aspx

Dear ten

I would love to be part of your revolution!

Please find attached my Curriculum Vitae.

Kind regards

Ian Carpenter

Middlesex University have brought this challenge to one of its inevitable conclusions. They would love me to be their Marketing and Recruitment Manager, or Marketing Administrator. However:

'Closing date 8 October 2007'

That was yesterday. Blimey you have to work quickly in this job application market. It was probably not helped by my three days off crisis of conscience thing. Should I apply anyway? Well, why not?

Dear Middlesex University

I have missed the deadline for your two jobs in the Guardian dated 29th September 2007, sorry.

Are you still looking for people?

Kind regards

Ian carpenter

That is five jobs that I have applied for today: Good work, I reckon!