Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday 29th October 2007

Applications: 55 Rejections: 3 Replies: 17 (16 if you count human) + Bonus Job x 2! Withdrawn applications: 1

We arrived safely back home last night.

It was fantastic to sit on the bus with Lenny.

The weekend in Swizerland/France went by so quickly. We flew out of London City Airport, which I must say, is absolutely fantastic. We flew at 7.50 a.m.; and no, this was not too early to have a beer in the bar first.

Liz fell asleep on the flight on the way over, so this seemed like an ideal opportunity for Lez to play Human Buckaroo. He tried balancing as many Swiss Air free chocolates as he could on Liz's shoulders, before she woke up. This kept us entertained for about ten minutes. Yes there are pictures.

The first thing we did on landing was find 50 Rue du Rhone, the place of work of Patrick Meier, Head of Global Sales at ACM markets. I can now understand why he did not agree to meet me for a beer. There are no Pubs in all of Geneva. We spent three hours yesterday afternoon trying to find one. Any way this seemed like a perfect photo opportunity for the Guardian Jobs Newspaper.

We tried to actually go up to ACM Currency Markets SA, however the lift would not allow us up there. We needed some special key code. However, l did peruse the Guardian Job, sitting in the lovely leather sofa in the foyer of the building.

There were some really important looking people that gave Lez and I a quizzical look as they made their way to the lift. Nicky and Liz would have nothing to do with it and were ambling along outside on Rue du Rhone. They really do sell quite a lot of posh watches in Geneva.

Anyway, to avoid, Viaduc St Egratz, we decided to take a detour via Evian les Bains. Yes, where the water comes from. Lake Geneva really is spectacular. The water is really crystal clear. I regretted not bring a supply of non recyclable plastic bottles. I could have literally filled them up from the lake, and then flogged them for £1.50 a bottle. I feel like I have missed out on a pension building opportunity.

Anyway, I wish that we had just bitten the bullet and done the Viaduc. The old road up the mountain was terrifying! Seriously, why do people do this for recreation? The road was one of those windy Swiss/French roads that you see appear on Top Gear. The drops were phenomenal. I spent the best part of an hour with my eyes shut, and my hands decided that they wanted to produce a small lake of their own.

We spent a lovely evening in a Fondue Restaurant in Chamonix. The cheesy smell has now impregnated my new alpine coat. I will have to get this dry cleaned this week.

After a brief walk and an opportunity to do some stone skipping on an alpine lake, we made our way back down the mountain yesterday afternoon. I took some pictures of the Viaduc, as we passed it on the way back down.

Just to reiterate, I am not good with heights. I recommend anyone with a similar fear; do not go up a great big mountain.

Anyway, I have taken the day off today, and I am looking forward to having the whole day to concentrate on applying for more jobs.

It is quite exciting being at the computer during the day. Up until now, my little project has happened in the evening. I come in from work, and check my e-mails. Today I get to hear the "ding dong", as they are delivered to my in-box.

Ding Dong

Dear Ian

Many thanks for your email and application....

Having carefully reviewed your cv and noted your extensive experience in finance and property management, I regret to inform you that we will not be taking your application further on this occasion. Whilst your experience in your field is of undoubted interest to us, especially your association with Green Lanes ( it's extensive Mediterranean and middle eastern cuisine is of great note to all of us at the Lane) I am afraid that we have recently filled our vacant roles. Whilst not a consideration on this occasion, should you wish to make any further applications, I would advise removing all references from those in red from your cv!

I wish you all the best in your future career.

Jonathan Waite
Customer Services Manager
Tottenham Hotspur Football & Athletic Co Ltd
Bill Nicholson Way


I am pleased that they are familiar with the fine work of the restaurateurs on Green Lanes. I was a bit disappointed that they had not given me the opportunity of an interview. However, I understand that they have offered the position to Juande Ramos. That will teach me for having the weekend off. You snooze, you lose.

Dear Jonathan

Thank you for your quick response to my e-mail that I sent you on Friday evening.

I am pleased that you are familiar with the fine work of the restaurateurs on Green Lanes. I never believed all the things that I saw on the Life of Grime television programme.

I understand that you have now appointed Juande Ramos. I appreciate that he has more experience in the area of football management, but I would like to see him manage finance or property as well as me!

Anyway, thank you once again for your quick response.

Kind regards

Ian Carpenter