Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday 26th October 2007

I have to admit that I am a little bit scared tonight. The viaduc St Egratz has been playing on my mind all day. We are off to Chamonix tomorrow. We, being Lez (See above), Liz (Lez's girlfriend), Nicky and me.

Why would someone who does not like heights go up a mountain?

Anyway, I see it as a bit of a challenge.

I intend on visiting Patrick's offices in Geneva, and hopefully I will be able to take a photograph.

All this excitement means that I will not be able to apply for any jobs this weekend.

Hang on.

Unless, I take the paper with me to Switzerland and apply to a job from there? I am slightly concerned about this. What if there is some kind of soft drink spillage in the hand luggage? They do have computers in Switzerland, as was demonstrated by Patrick's e-mail about my mum and dad's cat whisky; so I might be able to send a few e-mails.

The Guardian Jobs page dated 29/09/07 has been quite a large part of my life over the past few weeks, it deserves a little holiday.

Someone at work today said to me:

"Ian, did you see that Martin Jol, the Spurs manager has been sacked. That means there is a vacancy."

Thanks, Laura.

I know that this is my second transgression into the non Guardian Jobs. However, given the recent history of the type of advert in the Guardian, I am pleased to be on safe ground. I am sure that Tottenham Hotspur do not want me to launder money for them.

Dear Madam/Sir

I have read, listened to, and watched several articles regarding Martin Jol today.

I am still unsure whether he was sacked before, during, or after the game last night.

Anyway, that is all immaterial, because I would like to apply for the position of Manager of your Football Club.

I am a keen supporter of Liverpool Football Club, but this should not come between us.

I also drove by white Hart Lane on the way to a property that I manage in Green Lanes. I liked the look of the area, I felt really comfortable there.

I am also a fan of Paul Hawksbee on Talk Sport. He seems like a very nice man, and if that is the type of fan that you have at White Hart Lane, I think it is the place for me. Did you hear the programme when they invented the Norbert Dentressangle v Eddie Stobart Game?

I have attached my CV for your perusal, and I look forward to your earliest response.

Kind regards

Ian Carpenter

PS Don’t tell my partner, she is a bit of an Arsenal fan!

Anyway, there we go, a second deviation from the Guardian, but hey, it is coming with me to Switzerland for the weekend.

All we need now is a three legged carbon wellington boot wearer.