Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday 12th October 2007

Applications: 32 Rejections: 1 Replies: 9 (8 if you count human)

From: Patrick - ACM
Sent: 12 October 2007 09:06
To: Ian Carpenter
Subject: RE: Job

Hello Ian,

Thank you.

We would like to meet Whisky in order to see if we have a suitable position for him.

Can he travel alone?

Please advice

Thank you

Patrick Meier
Head of Global Sales

50, rue du Rhône - 1204 - Geneva - SWITZERLAND

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

Patrick is head of Global Sales in a Swiss bank. He must get quite a few e-mails in his day. I sent my e-mail last night at around 11 o'clock. And he has responded by 10.06 am the following day (add an hour). This is the best response that I have had so far. So I need to respond, to thank him for taking it all in the right spirit.

Dear Patrick

Thank you so much for your response today, it really did make me laugh.

You may have guessed that I might not be taking this too seriously. I have a project to apply for every job in the Guardian Newspaper on the 29/9/07.

Please see the following link: I hope this gives you some idea of what I am doing.

Coincidentally, I am in Geneva on the weekend of the 27th of October. If you have looked at my CV, and would like to have a beer somewhere, it would be very funny to have a meeting.

Kind regards

Ian Carpenter and Whisky

A couple of friends of ours had the idea of going to Chamonix for the weekend around three weeks ago. I agreed, before I saw the Viaduct Egratz that leads up into the mountains (see above I am not good with heights). So I think we may be staying in Geneva on the Saturday night.

Anyway, after all that excitement I also received:

Many thanks for your email.

I will be out of the office until the 15th October. If your query is urgent please call the office on 0208 871 9797.

Kindest Regards


From The British Ecological Society.

Dear Mr Carpenter,

Please find attached the job description for the Lead Case Manager role.

(See attached file: Lead Case Manager Jul 07.doc)

Kind regards,

Sam Ha
Human Resources Team Administrator

From the Health Professions Council.

End of page two.

Page three looks a lot more inviting than the others. There are large adverts, so it should not take too long to apply for these jobs...

Theatre Royal Plymouth are looking for an Education Manager, a Community Engagement Manager, and a Young people's programme director.

Dear Jane

Thank you for your advertisement in the Guardian dated 29/09/07.

I would like to apply for your positions advertised. I am passionate about the theatre and the community,

Kind regards

Ian Carpenter