Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday 11th December 2007

So, I was back to work today, following the weekend's stress etc.

I'd thought that I would make the day les stressful, by leaving my car head lights on all day, without realising this until going home time at 5.30. Do you think my car would start?

I have to say that the AA were pretty fantastic, but I could have done without waiting around in the cold for an hour or so.

Nobby versus Stoby, over the weekend. On the way up to Gloucester, it was on Sunday, it was a ridiculously tight one nil win to England.

The way back to Essex, it was much more exciting. Eddie started with a brace around junction 11 of the M4; 2-0. Norbert pulled back with a stunning hat-trick just as I got on to the M25, 3-2. We then saw a double lorry from Eddie, but decided we could only count this as one, it would really not be cricket otherwise; 3-3. Eddie pulled away, just after PEAS, I thought that would be it. Bad light was threatening to stop play, but Norbert came in with a late equaliser, 4-4, and then a last minute winner at junction 26 of the M25. Final score 6-4, we was robbed.

One little point that I will make about driving back to Essex. There is a sign at junction 26 (Waltham Abbey) of the M25, that welcomes you to our fine County. It says (rather cleverly), Welcome to Essex. However, when you get off the M25 at junction 29 for the A127, there is another sign, that says, Welcome to Essex.

It is as if the first sign was only playing at it. This is not real Essex. Waltham Abbey? May as well be Hertfordshire. No, now you are on the A127, you are in proper Essex, with the joys of Basildon and Southend ahead of you.

Anyway, I had quite a few e-mails over the weekend. Obviously, Mum and Dad do not have internet access, so I have had to catch up tonight.

I think I have touched a nerve with the people at marcusevans:

Dear Ian,

To clarify the motivation of the people working in ME: money, career progression, challenge and friendly, but busy working environment. I believe you have seen our values on our website - quality, energy, proactive and success - that is what we believe in and require from our employees.

As in the all the sales jobs, we are looking for hungry people as well, someone who does not want to take home basic salary, but is getting great commission on the top. As you are successful, company is growing and successful as well. Our company is trying to motivate you by 1.money you could earn, 2. career (and possibility of international transfer or in between our departments).

At the moment I am looking for another member for my team - conference sales in Banking, Finance and Insurance Division, to contact senior decision makers in this area. Please let me know if you would be interested in this position or I should pass your CV for our Linguarama training department (as you mentioned in your email).

Best regards,
Dagmar Grekcova

Dear Dagmar

Thank you for your e-mail.

I note from your tone, that I may have upset you with my comments about people only wanting money at ME. Please accept my apologies, as this was not my intention.

I would still like to be considered for your position in the conference sales division.

Although I am interested in the Linguarama position, I would rather see this application through for the moment.

I was trying to think of some way that we could work with the values – quality, energy, proactive, and success.

How about QUEPS!?

Or even PEQS!?

I think it needs some work.

Please let me know your earliest thoughts, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards

Ian Carpenter

Anyway, it was nice to come home, and sit on the bus with Lenny.