Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tuesday 2nd October 2007

Applications: 8 Rejections: 1

I suddenly realise how difficult this challenge is going to be. Google maps is a fantastic invention. From my house to my place of work is 12.6 miles or around 22 mins, according to them. How come I spent the total of 2 and a half hours travelling to and from work today? All this means is that I get in around 6.45pm, by the time I have dinner (Mince beef pie and roast potatoes, for the file), It is 9.35. I am three days into my quest and I have still only applied for two jobs, one of which I was denied from even applying for.

Last night, I spent the evening setting up http://guardianwork.blogspot.com. It is not good, but it is a start. I have uploaded the first instalment of Work and it seems that everything is accessible and pretty easy to understand. I also sent an e-mail to The Guardian to see if they were interested in my project.

This does not detract from the fact that I need to continue applying for these jobs.

So down to it...

Ok the Holy Cross Centre Trust: Sustainable Change through innovation.

Immediately the alarm bells start to ring. This is a charity. Should I be wasting their time in applying for their jobs, which I don't even want? Is that ethical?

Well, a challenge is a challenge. All is fair in love, war and 'The trust that grew out of the Kings Cross Community's direct action to the to the problems and needs that they saw around them'. Besides, I am sure that the HR person employed has to send many a rejection letter.
They have however presented me with a problem.

There are five jobs advertised:
1 Co-production/timebank worker
1 Senior Support, time recovery (STR) worker
1 Part time intermediate STR worker
1 Part time mental health Promotion and Community Link worker
They are also looking to employ sessionally paid A1 and V1 qualified people.

I have to admit I was a bit thrown by these positions. For a start, I have absolutely no idea what they mean (apart from maybe the Community Link worker). Secondly should I apply for each job individually, or send my CV in with a covering note for all five jobs? All five would certainly add to my tally, and I really do need to get a move on. I have to e-mail recruitment@hcct.org.uk for an application form so here goes.

Dear Madam/Sir

I notice that you have five jobs advertised in the Guardian Work section dated 29/9/07.

I would be grateful if you could send me details of how to apply for these positions?

Kind regards

Ian Carpenter

Great!!! 7 jobs applied for, with only one rejection. That is a non-success rate of 14.3%, a rate of which I am particularly proud, especially only three days in.

Ok, I feel a little guilty about the charity thing. I have vowed to send a donation to the Holy Cross Centre Trust. I will reimburse them for their stamps etc. used in my transactions with them.

I am absolutely determined to get to the end of page one this evening. There are only six more jobs on this page. Given I applied for five in one e-mail, this should be nothing.

The Zygos Partnership is looking for a research consultant. I can research; I have been known to study for various periods of time.

'You will have achieved high honours at a leading university'.

Dear Karen

I am writing to apply for the Research Consultant Position advertised in the Guardian on the 29/9/07.

As you can see from my attached CV, I have a strong academic background, and very many years (Perhaps too many!), working in the private sector.

I hope you will consider me for your positions.

Kind regards

Ian Carpenter

I have to admit though, the organisation does sound like a masonic cult, so we shall have to tread carefully.

Any way, I didn't get to the bottom of the page, it is now 10.30 pm. Jeremy Paxman is calling. (By the way the answer to the maths questions on University Challenge are always 1, 0, or -1). 8 jobs down.
Monday 1st October 2007

I woke up this morning at 3.00 a.m. I think that this thing that I have created may get slightly obsessive. Once I finally got off to sleep, it was 7.20 before I knew it. I have had a cough for about two weeks, and as a result have pulled a muscle in my side. Officially man-flu. I could not get out of bed, as I could not sit up. I ended up rolling out sideways, before climbing up the wall.

I was excited though.

I could not wait to get to work. I had printed the first pages of this thing, and wanted to see what the reaction would be. I presented Simon with last night's efforts. The reaction was good. I was not sure what I had started here, but Simon seemed to think I was on to something.

That is surely the point though. I am on to nothing. There is no point to this endeavour. I spent most of the day wondering whether I should get involved in all of this. I showed a few of my fellow workers at the property management company my efforts, and they seemed to like what I was doing. If only to see what happens, I decided that I should continue in my quest for the time being.

However, in the last twenty four hours, I had only applied for two jobs. I would need to crack on. It was decided that some kind of blog should be set up: