Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday 17th November 2007

Applications: 77 Rejections: 5 Replies: 23 (22 if you count human) + Bonus Job x 2! Withdrawn applications: 1

From The Financial Times:

Thank you for your application. If you do not hear from us in the next 4 weeks your application has been unsuccessful at this time. However, your information will be stored electronically for six months in case any other suitable vacancies become available, with access limited to managers responsible for recruitment. If you don't wish us to keep your details on file please notify us by return.

So they will keep my details on file for six months! I was hoping this would all be over, well certainly by January. This could drag it out until May next year. That's 180 more days!

United Nations Secretary, Ban Ki-moon, has called for action on climate change at next month's Climate change conference in Bali. He was introducing the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report. I really hope that there is a job coming up over the next 14 pages working with the United Nations. Not because I care passionately about the environment, but because Ban Ki-moon would easily make the top five most ridiculous names list.

Anyway, on with the jobs...

Rambert Dance Company wanted a Head of Revenue Fund Raising. ABD 11/10/07. I am quite relieved by this, my partner used to work for a dance company, and I have seen some very odd contemporary dance in my time.

Wiley 1807-2007 Knowledge for Generations. They have been around for two hundred years, and to be honest, I'd never heard of them. What do they do?

'We currently have an opportunity for a Market Development Manager to join our Market Development department.'

That make sense, you wouldn't want them in the frozen food department.

'A good Knowledge of Wiley-Blackwell products, sales channels, and business models is desirable'.

Blackwell do books I think. I look at their website, Wiley has now bought up Blackwell Books.

'In 1807, Charles Wiley, then 25 years old, opened a small printing shop at 6 Reade Street in lower Manhattan, New York City. During the next four years, he worked with other printers, primarily Isaac Riley, printing and publishing law books. In 1812, "C. Wiley, Printer" appeared for the first time on the title pages of several legal works. Two years later, Charles Wiley formed a printing, publishing, and bookselling partnership with Cornelius Van Winkle, a noted printer, located at 3 Wall Street. At this site Wiley also hosted the "Den," a meeting place for writers such as James Fenimore Cooper and William Cullen Bryant that foreshadowed the Greenwich Village coffee houses of the 1950s. Wiley and Van Winkle ended their partnership in 1820, when Charles chose to focus on publishing and bookselling and began hiring others to do his printing. He published James Fenimore Cooper's The Spy in 1821 and helped to launch this first American novelist's career. Wiley also published works by Richard Henry Dana, Washington Irving, and many other writers.'

Alright, is it me, or is there some kind of Karma thing going on? Cornelius Van Winkle is definitely a contender for the ridiculous names list.

Anyway the apply by date has inevitably passed (15/10/07), but I have now reached the end of page 15!!! Over half way through the quest.

Page Sixteen looks a lot more colourful affair than some of the other pages. We have Pink, peach, and blue adverts on this page.

The Arch Nemesis is looking for a Head of Marketing and Communications. I think their communications are quite good. They have declined me on a Sunday Morning in five minutes before now.

'Positive about mental health
This trust operates a smoke-free policy'

Apply by date was 5/10/07.

Encams are looking for a Media and Communications Manager. I have come across these people before (See Sunday 11/11/07), they were looking for a Market Research Manager. They could have saved a few quid and put them all in one advert. Anyway, I am still relieved that they are a charity; I really wouldn't want to commute to Wigan.

The Guardian is looking for a Commercialbrandmanager, come on that is a ridiculous typo. (I refer you to my mate stew's e-mail of the 3rd of October). They also got about half the page, well it is their newspaper I suppose, and it is in peach.

'The CBM will be expected to employ a variety of ATL.'

I hope that is clear.

Anyway, apply by date was the 15th October 2007.

Brand Recruitment are looking for a Senior PR Executive and a Head of PR/ Brand Experience FMCG/Leisure. No apply by date!

Dear Madam/Sir

I have happened upon your advertisement in the Guardian dated 29/10/07.

Your advertisement asked that I have a strong PR background preferably from financial services. I clearly do not have any PR experience, but I did work in a bank for ten years.

My only concern about your advertisement is that you mention:

‘This role will involve formulating strategic direction for the PR function and liaising with press at a high level as well as occasionally ‘digging in’ at events!!’

Whilst I have no objection to formulating the strategic direction (as long as you aren’t planning to start a war), I am unable to dig in, as I have a bad back. Will this affect my chances of employment in any way?

I have attached my CV for your perusal, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards

Ian Carpenter

Music for Youth were looking for a Chief Executive.

Good stuff. ABD 22/10/07, but as discussed above, would not have applied anyway.