Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wednesday 9th January 2008

I had a tough meeting this morning with a freeholder of one of the properties that I manage and their legal representatives. It was all let's sit round a big table and thrash something out type stuff. It was over some tree work that needed carrying out on a property in North London. It was morning, and quite tough. I felt like I wanted Phyllis to be there and to tell the horrible people to leave Ian alone, he's a nice boy really.

Anyway, the people we had arranged to do the tree work had kindly supplied a quotation for the removal of several trees. Guess what the tree surgeon's name was?

Really guess....

Nigel Chopping.

Fantastic! His name was Nigel Chopping.

This got me thinking, are there any other names that would be more appropriate to a lumberjack than Nigel Chopping?

I consulted with the usual cohort.

Barrynormal sent me by text at around 7.00 p.m. this evening:

Tim Burr
Theresa Green
Theresa Brown

It's a good start. I am sure there are more.

Anyway, no responses from any recent applications today, so on we go...

The University of Central Lancashire wanted a Faculty Marketing Planning Manager (I think they must like gerundives). Anyway, apply by date was 12/10/07.

Skillsmart Retail: Not for profit organisation.

Open Source Center

'The United Staes Government's OPEN SOURCE CENTER (OSC) is looking for a current affairs officer to work in the London area.'

Hmm, this sounds like LoTSA times fifty billion. I have been following the American election race quite closely, but I don't think I want to get involved.

Luckily, the job closed on the 8 October 2007. I was not sure about the line in the advert that read:

'Suitably qualified candidates will be invited for interview and testing.'

Community Co-ordinator required at the Royal Exchange Theatre.

'For further information and an application form please contact Tuesday Spencer.'


Where is the ridiculous names top five?

Top five ridiculous names (revision No.3)

1. David Younghusband
2. Marike Dippenaar
3. Ben Klemenzson
4. Sir Menzies Campbell (phonetically Ming)
5. Tuesday Spencer

Orkan Ahmadov had to go I'm afraid. Although, I could probably expand the list into an all time top stupid names list XI. I reckon the long forgotten Dagmar Greckova would make a brilliant goalie. The young Marike Dippenaar would be a feisty left back, with Ben Klemenzson as the John Terry strong central midfielder.

This might need some work.