Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday 18th December 2007

The best Christmas present in the World, ever, I promise.

It arrived today.

From Switzerland.

It is brilliant, I promise you. I can not reveal more. However, full pictures will be available on Christmas day. So after I have watched Queeny, they will be uploaded on to the blog.

I spent the day today out on site, visiting a property in Vauxhall that has had a flood recently. I decided to drive, and was pleasantly surprised that it only took me one hour and ten minutes to get there. It was a glorious drive along the Embankment. London is a glorious city.

I say that.

The A13 was closed on the way out of London, due to someone having a crash around Barking. So I sat on the East India Dock Road having a road race with a bloke on roller skates. I am proud to say that the bloke on the roller skates won. Well done whoever it was that had a crash today.

Two and a half hours to get back to the office.

I got back to the office and some people had been out for a Christmas Lunch. They were still wearing their Christmas Santa hats, how I laughed!!!

One of my work associates, Martin, had left a message on my answerphone. He is a Tottenham fan, and was disappointed when I was recently turned down for their Manager's position. He was going up to Manchester City to watch Spurs in the Carling Cup.

The message was a five minute commentary of Nobby versus Stobby all the way up to Manchester. The final score was something like 26-11! I will try and transcribe the message tomorrow to give a full report.

Anyway, I had better apply for a few jobs. Come on Christine, we are almost there!

The Oldie job has passed it's apply by date. (10/10/07)

Page 21...

Communications Manager for Amsterdam and Brussels for Greenpeace. APD 4/10/07.

The Arch Nemesis. Closing Date 5th October 2007. I didn't want to be their web designer anyway.

THINK want the following people:

Creative Director £AAE

Account Manager/Associate Publisher

Chief Sub-Editor and Sub-Editors

Junior/Production Designer

Picture Editor

Production Assistant

Freelancers - we need you

Dear Ms Boulter

I am writing following your now not so recently advertised jobs in the Guardian dated 29/09/07.

I appreciate that I am late in responding, but I would like to apply for all of the positions advertised.

Can you believe I was stuck on the A13 today for around two hours?

I attach my CV for your perusal, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards

Ian Carpenter

How to tv want some people:

'Please send CVs and Salary/Package expectations'

Dear Karen

I admired your advert in the Guardian dated 29/09/07.

You have asked that I send in CVs. Unfortunately, I only have one CV, but I attach it for your perusal.

As far as salary and package goes, I am not really that bothered.

I went to a property today, and got so much stick, that I thought I might like to get in a canoe, and go to Panama for a few years.

I look forward to your earliest response.

Kind regards

Ian carpenter

Cultural Enterprise Ofiice: Charity.

Folk, roots and world music development: APD 5/10/07.

Anyway, Spurs beat Man City tonight, so I reckon there may be a drunken Nobby v Stobby recorded at around three a.m. tomorrow morning, I will let you know.