Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday 16th October 2007

Applications: 42 Rejections: 1 Replies: 11 (10 if you count human) + Bonus Job!

Dear Mr Carpenter,

Thank you for showing an interest in applying to HCCT. All the information regarding the recruitment as well as an outline of our services etc. can be found on our website:
www.hcct.org.uk, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate contacting me or applying through recruitment e-mail address. I appologise for a delay in getting back to you, it was due to the technical problems that we ahve been experiencing with our e-mails.

Yours Sincerely

Orkhan Ahmadov

Orkhan AhmadovAdmin/Finance Officer

As explained above, I will not be taking this application further. This is a well meaning charity and I can not waste any of their time. They have been experiencing problems with their e-mails, and I recommend that anyone who feels the need, can contribute towards their fund. Visit http://www.hcct.org.uk. Their e-mail problems are bad, it has caused them to misspell appolgise and ahve. Please donate generously.

So that was today's administration out of the way.

I had a conversation with one of my contractors at work today. I was explaining to him about my little project, and that I was applying for all of these jobs. In passing, he mentioned that there was one vacancy that had come up since yesterday. THE LEADER OF THE LIBERAL DEMOCRATS!

Ok, ok, I know that this job has not technically been advertised in the Guardian dated 29/09/07. However, could I really resist this challenge? Sir Menzies Campbell had resigned and there was a vacancy.

I could have this one as a bonus job. A little extra. A bit like having cream on ice cream.

Resignation letter by Sir Menzies Campbell
15 October 2007

Please find below the full text of Sir Menzies Campbell’s letter of resignation as Leader of the Liberal Democrats:
The PresidentThe Liberal Democrats
15th October 2007
When I was elected Leader of the Party in March 2006 I had three objectives. First, to restore stability and purpose in the party following my predecessor’s resignation and the leadership campaign itself, second to make the internal operations of the party more professional, and third to prepare the party for a General Election. With the help of others, I believe that I have fulfilled these objectives, although I am convinced that the internal structures of the party need radical revision if we are to compete effectively against Labour and the Conservatives.
But it has become clear that following the Prime Minister’s decision not to hold an election, questions about leadership are getting in the way of further progress by the party.
Accordingly I now submit my resignation as Leader with immediate effect.
I do not intend to hold a press conference or to make any further comment.
Yours sincerely,
Menzies CampbellLeader, Liberal Democrats

Short, succint, I think he is probably an honourable chap.

There are no direct links to any vacancies on the Liberal Democrats' Site: http://www.libdems.org.uk/. However there are several links instructing you how to update your blog to provide a link to their site. I will look in to this over the weekend.

There is a contact us e-mail address though...

Dear Madam/Sir

I have noticed from reading articles in the newspapers, watching the television, and listening to the radio, that you currently have a vacancy for the Leader of your organisation.

I would like to apply for the position.

I am not a member of your party, but I don’t think this should not come between us.

I have seen representatives from your party on the television, and they all seem like fairly nice people. I would really like to work with them.

I understand from the articles in the press that it is a two horse race between Nick Clegg and Duncan Huhne. This would be really boring, so I would like to throw my hat into the ring.

I was listening to an article on BBC radio Five Live Drive on my way home from work this evening. Messrs Clegg and Huhne were both on. It seems that the main thread in your thinking at the moment is redistribution of wealth, and social mobility. I would like to deal with each of these issues in order:

Redistribution of wealth.

I really believe that this is an important area for the party to be moving in. I am not calling myself wealthy, but I do have three bank accounts. I regularly have to redistribute wealth between these accounts. I use all facilities of the bank. I sometimes call into my local branch. I also telephone them, and even use the internet to transfer funds between my accounts. Did you know that you can even do it via the television?

Social Mobility

Again, this is a most important area for you to be looking at. I would like to socially move from being a Property Manager in Basildon, to being Leader of your party. What better a demonstration of your commitment to Social Mobility?

I will not go into any comment on ageism at this current time, as it is probably a sensitive subject in your organisation.

I have attached my CV for your perusal, and I would welcome a reply at your earliest convenience.

Could you please explain the job application process in more detail?

Kind regards

Ian Carpenter

So all of that excitement has meant that I have not applied to any more jobs in the Guardian today. I have still not heard back from tenuk: No wonder they need an operations manager, I left my message yesterday and still no reply!!! And Patrick Meiier has not responded to my invitation for a beer in Geneva next weekend (Perhaps he really did want to meet Whisky).