Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tuesday 5th February 2008

Happy Super Duper Tuesday day everyone!

Apart from being super duper Tuesday, it is also pancake day! Traditionally, this is where everyone grabs whatever left-overs they have stored in their larder and chucks it all in a pan before lent.

Well metaphorically, that is what I have been doing tonight. Following last night's catastrophe, I have been cobbling together various bits of Guardianwork that I have saved around my computer, and chucking it all into one Bill Gate's pan; Microsoft Word.

I think that I have managed to retain most things, phew!

However, due to the general panic, I have missed a couple of e-mails over the weekend:

Now bearing in mind I applied with:

Dear Christian

I stubbed my right toe on your advert in The Guardian dated 29/9/07.

I notice that you were looking for a Executive PA to manage the affairs of a dynamic couple. I currently jointly manage the affairs of my partner Nicky and I.

Nicky is more of the ideas person, and I tend to be the “do-er”. For example, yesterday we were in the supermarket, and Nicky realised that we needed a lemon to put in the piece of trout that I was going to have for dinner. She came up with the idea, but I was off straight away to retrieve it. (Incidentally, they had been moved from their usual place, and put on the end of an aisle with the pancake mix, as it is Pancake Day on Tuesday.)

I hope that I am the type of person that you are after. I have attached my CV for your perusal, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards

Ian Carpenter

To receive:

Hi Ian - I'm afraid this position was filled some months ago

many thanks

Christian Gibbon - Practice Manager

Was a little disappointing.

Workshop places left for February 23rd

Why not make 2008 the year your travel writing really takes off?

Full details are below, plus feedback from the last workshop. If you can't make this one bear in mind that the next workshop will be on March 29th.Pllease ignore this mail if you have already booked or are in the process of booking.With best wishes PeterFeedback from the January 2008 workshopAny aspiring travel writer would find your course very usefulindeed, dealing as it does, with the whole process from initial ideathrough research to the writing itself and, of course, the most importantaspect - getting it published and paid for.

THANK YOU!Richard OlivierI really enjoyed the workshop. I thought your style and content wereabsolutely spot-on. I will definitely recommend the workshop tofriends and colleagues.I expect to have a travel article published in the next 2-3 months!

Graham MooreMany thanks; I found the day very very useful,

very focussed, and covering an immense amount of material. My chances of getting my travel writing published have increased a very great deal.Excellent value for money.

Sue WallThanks for a most inspiring workshop

Peter!Gina BaksaExcellentRebecca Hughes-DaviesMoney well spent!

Gus MacDonald Keen to see your travel adventures in newspapers and magazines? Why not attend the ____________________________________________________________TRAVEL WRITING WORKSHOP


Dear Ian

We understand that you have recently applied to British Airways for the position of Leaders for Business 2008, UKLHW631.

We are writing to advise you that we currently have full time vacancies for Commercial Business Analysts, UKLHR595, based at London Heathrow, which may be of interest to you. For further details of these vacancies and to apply please visit our website,

Thank you for your interest in British Airways.
We look forward to meeting you.

Yours sincerely

BA Recruitment

Hang on, this feels like the NHS positions.

Apply Online

Have you applied for this role within the last 12 months?


Apply Online

Thank you, please move on to the next question.

Do you have the right to live and work in the UK indefinitely and without restriction?

Apply Online

Thank you. You will be asked to provide proof of your unrestricted right to live and work indefinitely in the UK should your application go through to the next stage. Please move on to the next question.

Do you hold an EU passport with unrestricted worldwide travel or a passport issued by one of the following accession states:- Estonia Hungary Latvia Lithuania Slovakia Czech Republic Slovenia Cyprus Malta

YApply Online

Thank you. You will be asked to bring in your passport should your application go through to the next stage. If you do not hold a European Union passport we will not continue with the assessment process. Please move on to the next question.
Are you able to provide names and addresses of referees covering 5 years continuous work and/or academic history?

You wrote to me, for pity's sake.

Anyway all submitted, and let's move on.