Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday 23rd December 2007

My Mum and Dad came down yesterday to discuss how Father Christmas delivers his presents all over the world.

We came to no conclusions.

They also brought the annual jar of pickled onions, made by Phyllis. Admittedly, Hippy is not best pleased with these onions.


Is the E-bay number.

Please give generously.

Put 330199560341 into e-bay.

Saturday 22nd December 2007

Canterbury Christ Church were looking for a Senior Lecturer in Digital Media, APD 19/10/07.


The Greater Manchester Police are (were) looking for an Internal Communications Officer. How did you internally communicate during the miners' strike?

I'll hit him on the head, after you.

No thanks.

CAFOD just one world. I agree, but a charity.

The University of TEESSIDE were looking for a copywriter. APD 12/10/07.

Faber and Faber are looking for someone to design their covers:

Dear Madam/Sir

I glimpsed at your advert in the Guardian dated 29/09/07.

I attach a picture of a cover that I have recently used in my work.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards

Ian Carpenter