Monday, December 03, 2007

Monday 3rd December 2007

Applications: 92 Rejections: 5 Replies: 29 (28 if you count human) + Bonus Job x 3! Withdrawn applications: 1

Honestly, it really is the best present in the world.

Really good.

It has inspired me to start my own sub-project. News of which can only be revealed on Christmas Day. There are several people involved at the office, but I can not say more.

Talking about the office, we have instigated a new system.

For several months, whenever Simon and I leave the office for lunch or whatever, there is always an awkward moment at the door. It's a bit like the Chuckle Brothers. No you first, no after you, no really I insist, etc.

What we have instigated is a four week rotational system.

There are five days in a week, given.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday do not have an 'r' in them, whereas Thursday and Friday do.

So, on a Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Simon goes through the door first. On a Thursday and Friday, I go through the door first, quite simple.

However, more observant readers will have noticed that Simon gets to go through the door first on three days, and me on only two. This is where the four week rotational system comes into play (I intend to use this in my forthcoming interview with Brian Barwick).

For the first week, it is Simon with the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday three day bias. The second week it is me with the MTW three day bias. I keep the three day bias in the third week, before Simon gets it back in the fourth week, and thus completing the cycle.

Brilliant! And it worked for the whole day today. There was no awkwardness at the door or anything.

Anyway, an e-mail...

Dear Ian,

Thank you for sending me your CV and applying for International Sales Executive position (through Careers UK). I have been trying to reach you over the phone, but unfortunately I was not successful.

Ian, the position we are recruiting for is telephone based position in the office in Central London (telesales). We are contacting senior decision makers in Banking, Finance and Insurance Industry across Europe. It is a full time job (Mon-Fri). To begin with, please visit our websites (this will give you an understanding of the company mission, profile, values, when we started, global offices and all of the different services we provide) and (to understand different Banking, Finance & Insurance conferences we offer our clients).
From this research we can have an initial phone based interview to tell you more about the company and also for me to understand your career prospects and requirements.
Please call me tomorrow to arrange your phone screen interview.


Dagmar Grekcova
MARCUS EVANS conferences
Banking, Finance & Insurance Division Europe

How exciting!

I applied for their job two months late, and they still want me to call them! I have been doing this for over two months, and I have only had a human contact with Lesley-Ann from tenuk. I am really excited. (Not that I want the job you understand, but it is a human contact!)

Top five ridiculous names (revised):

1. David Younghusband
2. Marike Dippenaar
3. Sir Menzies Campbell (phonetically Ming)
4. Orkan Ahmadov
5. Dagmar Grekcova

I can't wait to phone them tomorrow.

Other news, Barrynormal sent me a picture of his hand, covered in creosote (No orbs). I would love to show everyone, but it looks like something out of All Creatures Great and Small.

The Scotland FA does not seem to be in a rush to appoint a manger, so I will not stress too much about getting my application to them.