Saturday, November 24, 2007

Friday 23rd November 2007

Applications: 84 Rejections: 5 Replies: 26 (25 if you count human) + Bonus Job x 2! Withdrawn applications: 1

I have the day off today, so I naturally have time on my hands. There is no better way than to kill time by playing Googlewhack. This was inspired by a book by Dave Gorman called, surpisingly, The Goolgewhack Adventure. The idea is that you put two random words into Google to see if you get only one hit.

Guess what?

Guardianwork rogan is a Googlewhack!!!

vegetable rogan josh - a love of food, food for love - romantic ...
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The internet is a marvellous thing.

I have been on Blogspot for only a few weeks, but if you put guardianwork into google, there are twenty hits. The great thing is that my blog comes up first, and I haven't even paid Google anything. So, if ever anyone should happen to put guardianwork into google, the blog would be the first hit.

The other fantastic thing is it is cited on A love of food, food for love- romantic recipes. It is also cited on, because of the original job application with The Arch Nemesis.

'The Football Association is committed to our vision of using the power of football to build a better future.

The core objectives that support the achievement of this are:

· To be seen by fans, players, managers, clubs and the government as the leading sports governing body in the world
· To lead the development of a grass-roots framework which will achieve the highest levels of participation in the world
· To achieve consistent, long-term success on the field through player development at every level
· To be a leading-edge marketing organisation
· To lead and shape the debate about football at a national, UEFA and FIFA level
· To provide leading-edge service levels both internally and externally

If this sounds like the type of organisation that you would like to be part of, then see and revisit this section for information on Vacancies.

FA Vacancies
There are no other vacancies at present'

Yes there is; Steve McLaren was sacked quite openly yesterday.