Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wednesday 30th January 2008

‘On the 22nd March 1951 The Maersk Company Limited was incorporated, in part to enable a representation in the United Kingdom by A.P. Møller, a Danish shipowner. Mr A.P Moller was one of the first Directors to sit on the board of TheMaersk Company Limited.’

‘James Irlam, the Grandfather of David, Michael and Stewart started his one man business back in the 1940’s when he was a market gardener based in Ringway. But when the building of Manchester Airport began, his land stood in the way of runway development and he was forced to relocate to the Chelford area. From here, James transported milk churns to the Manchester dairies and returned with corn supplies for local farms – so no empty running even then!’

Oh pants, I thought they were from Scotland.

I had an idea, whilst playing Nobby v Stobby on the way to Feltham today. We could have a four nation’s competition between France (Norbert Dentressangle), England (Eddie Stobbard), Denmark (Maersk), and (as I thought) Scotland (James Irlam). But James Irlam are from Manchester.

The quite worrying thing is that I found the James Irlam Picture on Yes it really does exist.

I thought the paranormal thing was weird, but this could take me into all sorts of list based, Saturday mornings at train stations.

Me: E555667, Nathan?

Nathan: Yes, I have got that one. I saw it in Grantham Train Station.

It really won’t. It is just a thing to keep me amused on boring motorway journeys.

The African Cup of Nations (Or is it The Nations Cup of Africa) is just about to end, so we need a new tournament. I think the Lorry Four Nations could fill the void. Well, except that it is technically three nations, but poetic license lets James Irlam represent Scotland rather than Manchester.

All teams are to play each other twice, home and away. The away leg will be played on the way to somewhere; the home matches will be played, well on the way home.

The first games were played today, to and from Feltham.

Nobby was at home, and took an early lead at junction 29 of the M25. I have to agree with sports reporter Steve, it is like eating a doughnut without licking your fingers.

England came back with an early hat-trick, thanks to an assist by one of those double lorry things.


Then Nobby had a fantastic turn of form. By Junction 26 it was 6-3, thanks to some great finishing by one of their substitutes (Known as 'The Tanker').

6-4, then 7-4, then England pulled one back at Junction 24, 7-5.

8-5,8-6,8-7, come on we are at junction 21a now, surely momentum is with England!!!

The Nobby showed the typical French class. Arsene Wenger claims not to have seen it, but Nobby won 10-8.

The Home leg:

Myself and Arsene saw no action until St Albans when Stobby took the lead. It was then pretty slow going, each side testing each other out all the way to junction 24, where it was 4-3.
No action until Junction 28, where we had a flurry of goals.


This is because I was sat still in traffic for an hour.

Anyway, bad light stopped play, and France have taken an early lead in the Championship.
Current standings:

Team P W L D F A GD Pts

France 2 2 0 0 18 13 5 6
Denmark 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Scotland 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
England 2 0 2 0 13 1 8 -5 0