Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday 10th January 2008

No tough meetings today, it was a day of generally clearing up paperwork that had accumulated on my desk. However, last night's ruminations on Nigel Chopping got me thinking of a Lumberjack's XI. Barry had started it, could it be finished? After putting the idea to Simon, Tanya, Steve, Kaylee, and Laura, we think we have come up with a good XI players (with two subs). So here it is, the Lumberjacks XI (Or Barking FC 2):

The Two subs would be Ronnie Wood, and Kate Bush.

Now let me talk you through the thinking.

Nigel Chopping has to be the Goalie, lead from the back, he started the whole thing off.

Theresa Green and Brown, I liken to the Neville brothers. A strong partnership at the heart of the defence. Tim Burr and Hugh Jacks will be the stalwart sweeping defenders.

In the midfield, we have George Bush, who is a natural right winger. Jane Saw and Edward Woodward gel well together (at least they did in training). Of course, Forest Gump on the left wing can run up and down there all day, and night, for several days, and nights.

Of course, up front are Alan Shearer and Johann Sebastian Bach. What a pairing? Plus Johann can play the piano in the after game sing-song.

I think it works as a well balanced team of players who would make good lumberjacks.

Anyway, no response again from any of the jobs I have applied for, so once again let's carry on...

JFL Search wanted a Media Relations Manager, and a Marketing Communications Manager in Zurich! Well, I have already been to Geneva, but sadly they are a recruitment company.

Hopes and Homes wanted a Head of Community Fund Raising; charity.

Internews wanted a Deputy Chief of Party to train journalists in Sudan; charity.

The Dukes wanted a Director, APD 29/10/07.