Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thursday 6th December 2007

So far this week, I have been avoiding things. I have not phoned Dagmar, and I have not applied for the Scotland Manager's job.

This week, I have mostly been seeing PEAS.

So I should crack on. No administration tonight, so I reckon I can apply for the rest of the jobs on page 19. I feel that as soon as I get to page twenty I am in the home straight. A bit like Christine Ohurugu must feel like when she rounds the final corner.

Annely Juda Fine Art seeks an Assistant to the Director. Annely Juda, was that a Star Wars character? Anyway too late for me to use my force, as the apply by date was yonks ago.

The Wildlife Trusts: Charity, see countless times above.

Ditto St George's bristol.


'We are based in Sheffield with a national reputation for applied creativity.'

Come on, seriously, national reputation? Have you heard of them?

Transport for London must have recruited for Head of Government and Stakeholder Relations by now. Apply by date was the 19th October.

Live it
Love it

Well, I can't; the closing date was 11th October.

The National Maritime Museum were looking for sales people to sell their events. ABD 8/10/07.


Come on Christine, let's do the final straight.

Odd, really.

The first advert on the next page is for sports news reporting.