Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday 20th October 2007

The Guardian JobMatch team have identified an opportunity that may be of interest to you.

The advertiser is UNITED UTILITIES LTD and the title of the vacancy they are advertising is Business Development Manager x3.

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Now, I am slightly more certain that the Guardian Jobs Team is trying to lay down the gauntlet, as it were. Again, I have not heard from Guardian Jobs in two months but since I sent them the e-mail to see if they are interested in my quest, I have received a couple of jobs. I may be being paranoid, but the way they have signed off with kind regards, makes me suspicious. Once more unto the breach, Guardian Jobs Team, I can not refuse your challenge.

Job: Business Development Manager x3,

Should it not be Jobs? Ah well, it is the Guardian.

Thank you for applying for the position of : Business Development Manager x3.
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There that was easy. I still don't trust the on-line application process though, so I will expect to be declined within a couple of minutes.

'With a name like Guinness you might think our brand was pretty good already.'

Fantastic! A job working for Guinness! However:

'Today we have no connection with the brewery, but we're proud of our heritage and keen to build on our reputation as one of the country's largest providers of housing.'

Oh pants.

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