Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday 20th November 2007

Applications: 77 Rejections: 5 Replies: 25 (24 if you count human) + Bonus Job x 2! Withdrawn applications: 1

I'm out of the office. For urgent coverage questions until 1930 GMT, please call the Frankfurt desk at +49 69 29 725 500.

I will be back at my desk at around 0630 GMT Tuesday, Nov. 20.

Klaus Brune
News Editor, Germany

I have had so much interaction with Klaus, I feel that I know him personally.

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The Guardian are really taking the proverbial now.

On a lighter note, the Government have today given away the personal details of 25 million people. This includes bank details, names and addresses of everyone in the UK that qualifies for family tax credits. This really puts my little error with the Complementry Art Gallery into perspective.

We have also tried to set up the inaugural meeting of the Southend Poppadom Society. Well I say we, more like Simon and me, in an Indian restaurant on Friday night. I am trying to get some takers, but no-one seems interested. Let's see what happens.

The chain smoking spider has really ceased to be. Hippy and Lenny are all ok (They are greatly relieved that the fireworks have dissipated).

So on with the jobs:

Oh no wait...

Paranormal Barry has been doing some repairs on a property that I manage. He sent me a picture of some fences that he has been working on. Guess what? Another orb.

I have also been trying to purloin pianos from various people at work. They all seem to have friends that own them, but are not willing to lend me them for The City Council of Liverpool.

Senior Public Affairs Manager at energywatch ;ABD 15/10/07.

Casual Subeditors, observer sport. I reckon I wouldn't have to wear a tie. Anyway, closing date was 7/10/07.

END OF PAGE 16!!!!

Page 17 looks a bit posh. I think I'll leave it until tomorrow. Sheridan Edward from Modern Art Oxford can surely wait another day for my application.

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