Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday 21st December 2007

My computer crashed last night.

I thought that I had lost 3 months worth of failed job applications. It was not to be. Les (of Liz and Les fame) came through a treat. He is a legend, and managed to restore all of the pointless drivel from my little project.

I would just like to mention my friend Garrett. It was his birthday yesterday, and I forgot to send him a card. I have known Garrett for 16 years, and I have always sent him a card on his birthday. This year, I forgot. I apologise Garrett, but I wish you a happy birthday for yesterday.
I still respect Garrett's dad's opinion on Terry Wogan.

I had the day off today to do my Christmas Shopping. I woke up with no computer (see above), and the telly was on the blink.

I managed to fix it.

There was someone today on the weakest link, that looked like an older Billy Bragg. His name was Charles, and he got voted off in third place... Billy, seriously, ask for a copy of the video, he was you in ten years time.

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