Monday, October 08, 2007

Thursday 4th October 2007

Applications: 11 Rejections: 1 Replies: 4 (3 if you count human)

We have a spider that lives in our dining room. It lives there quite happily. Throughout the day, it hides behind the back of the picture rail. No one would know that it was there. It is by the back window.

I am a smoker. The only place that I smoke is the dining room. For some reason, the spider only comes out once I get in from work. I smoke by the back window, and the spider comes out. We have the world's first chain smoking spider. I hope that one of the jobs will be working in the field of spider identification.

Today I spent the day out visiting properties that I manage. All in all I must have spent three hours stuck behind a bus in the Winchmore Hill and Green Lanes area of London.



Sandra at Scottish Adoption e-mailed:

I am attaching pack – if you wish a hard copy please e mail with your address, although there is a postal strike today and it may not arrive for some days.

No kind regards. I don't think these people liked me.

I am having serious moral quandaries here. These people are doing some serious work in a serious area of Social Policy. It is actually a job that I would really like. I support everything that they are doing. It makes my "silly little boy project" look ridiculous. Should I leave it at this? Is a response enough? I'll leave it for now, and move on.

Dear Ian,

Thank you for your email and interest in the DG position. We will be in touch soon after the closing date.

Best regards,

Sebastian Mann
Projects Executive
International Institute of Communications

Regent House
24-25 Nutford Place
London W1H 5YN

Sebastian sends his best regards. I think he knows that I might not be taking this too seriously.

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