Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday 16th January 2008

It always amuses me at night, when I am dating this blog. I do the Peter Kay, looking at the watch thing when I want to check the date. Well observed Peter.

I spent the day in the fine county of Kent. To be precise, in Bromley and Dartford. As discussed earlier, it is all glamour here.

Now, one thing did strike me. The M25 is a fairly major road when getting around the South East. I mean, it is sign posted from here in Southend, and it is 19 miles away. However, the good people in Kent don't seem to want to know about it. Given that the M25 is probably only five miles from Bromley, do you think I could find a road sign for it? I ended up going back to the Blackwall Tunnel and back out again; plain ridiculous.

The road journey back from Dartford ended in a boring one-nil win for the French. I mean, sneaking in from the left just after the Dartford Tunnel; I ask you. I liken it to an Eric Cantona, except without the trawlers, or for that matter the seagulls. For better measure it is not like him at all.

Informa healthcare wanted two reporters.

Dear Alex

I am writing following your advertisement in the Guardian dated 29/09/07.

The apply by date was the 26th of October. I appreciate that I am three months late in applying.

Your advertisement asked that the candidate has strong pharmaceutical knowledge. Recently, the spam guard has broken at work, and we have been receiving countless e-mails about Viagra. This is a blue pill that particularly helped one man who had undergone a prostate cancer operation.

You also asked that the applicant should have a strong knowledge of German. I recently bought a pair of socks, knitted by a Swiss Granny. The entire transaction was carried out in German.

I hope that you will consider my application, even though it is ridiculously late.

Kind regards

Ian Carpenter

PS I have attached my CV

HCL Fairstaff: Agency.

The booksellers Association; charity.

Current Archaeology want a Magazine Designer. (Be honest, did you know Archaeology had an 'a' in it?)

APD 19/10/07.

END OF PAGE 24!!!!!

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